Rights and Obligations

1. From the date of submission of the evaluation materials, it shall be deemed that the participants authorize the organizer to use the products and information for evaluation free of charge.

2. All participating institutions have requested to withdraw from the evaluation process, and the submitted materials or products will not be returned.

3. This event is free to participate in the evaluation, and the participants will be responsible for the related costs derived from participating in the "Golden Cotton Award".

4. If it is found that the products or technical equipment of the participating institutions do not meet the conditions for participating in the evaluation, the organizer has the right to cancel its qualification for participation in the evaluation, and the submitted materials or products will not be returned.

5. If no suitable winner is selected, the vacancy of the award is allowed. The organizer reserves the right to issue any award.

6. The organizer stipulates that new varieties, new technologies and equipment must participate in the selection; and that it will be put on the Chinese market or not more than 90 days.

7. Participating products or technical equipment must have mature samples or experimental data.

8. Filling in and submitting the information of the participating units does not mean that the submitted products or technologies have been accepted or shortlisted, or even won.

9. Participating organizations submit materials to participate in the "Golden Cotton Award" evaluation, which is deemed to have fully understood and accepted the organizer's rules, the Guangzhou World Agricultural Expo Organizing Committee has all the power to interpret this event.