Selection Process

1、Participation Registration: All products or technologies that meet the selection scopes can participate free of charge. The combination of online registration and paper document submission, and physical products need to be mailed. No physical or if sample is too large,you can submit the video or photos. The same enterprise or institution can declare multiple items, and each item must be declared separately.

2、Finalist Selection: The method of online public voting is used to add the number of votes on the mobile phone and PC, and select the top 20 winners of each product or technology device with the highest number of votes.

3、Expert Selection: The experts will only select the shortlisted products or technical equipment; And experts come from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College, Farmers Daily, Southern Rural News And other institutions (the list of experts is kept secret during the selection process and announced after the evaluation).

4、Scoring Mechanism: The selection is based on a 100-point scale; if the recommendation is recognized by the organizer (such as: government departments, scientific research institutions or associations / societies / chambers of commerce and other organizations), 10 points will be awarded. Other scoring dimensions are developed by the expert group.