Award Earnings

1、Set up an award-winning brand display area for free on the spot, and recommend it by way of picture display;

2、Get 15 minutes of "World Agricultural New Product & Technology Conference" roadshow time for free;

3、If the winning company rent the booth as the exhibitor,they will get a 30% off discount for the stand fee, and catch the media to focus on the scene

4、It will be recommended in the guide of the Wagri, and will be marked on the exhibition map.

5、LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook;

Promotion on Wagri official website, public account, mini-program, Weibo, headline, Baijia, Douyin, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook...

6、The international and domestic industry media officially cooperated with the Wagri for joint promotion;

7、Award the "Gold Cotton Award" trophy and certificate to the winner.