About Golden Cotton Award

Golden Cotton Award

China International Agricultural Innovation Selection Award &

Global Agricultural New Technology and Product Launch Conference

Golden Cotton Award --- Taking golden cotton as a carrier, symbolizing the hope and success of agriculture. The two flowering of cotton, buds and blossom bring humans two wonderful moments; When it first blooms, it is colorful, pleasing and let people see the "hope" of life; When it comes to the second blooming, it feels like snow-flying but it heart-warming,which makes people feel the joy of "success". Blooming twice, progressing gradually, from pleasure to warmth, continuously injecting new positive energy, conveying yearning for life, making people positive; It is the color represents golden, success and wealth.

Golden Cotton fully expresses the two most important elements of the agricultural industry: "hope" and "success"

Golden Cotton Award-the recognition and highest spiritual encouragement to agricultural practitioners or institutions.