1.Strategiccooperation unit: (150,000)including all the promotional documents with thename of a global strategic cooperation unit before theexhibition,recommendation to a minimum of 10 international and domestic keybuyers to negotiate, 54 square meters special booth and wooden structureconstruction, 2P for conference advertisements, conference room wall advertisement, a specialmeeting 30 minutes to promote the road show. (limited to one in each industry)

2.Specialconference title sponsorship: (100,000) including all the conferencepromotion   title sponsorship unit before the exhibition, conference LED screen 2 sideadvertising, 54 square meters special booth and wooden structure construction,conference document advertisement, 2P for conference advertisements,aconference room wall advertising, 30 minutes to promote roadshows.

3.Dinnersponsorship: (80,000) including all the promotion of the pre-show sponsoreddinner sponsorship unit before the exhibition, 36 square meters special boothand steel frame and inkjet construction, 2P for conference advertisements,conference room wall advertisement, 15 minutes roadshow in the dinner and asthe Expo recommended brand awards guests and special guests on the podium.

4. Supportingunits: (60,000) including all promotional propaganda supporting units beforethe exhibition, 36 square meters of special booths and steel frame and inkjetconstruction, 2P for conference advertisements, and a set of conference roomwall advertisements.

5. On-siteadvertisement: visitor advertisement (30,000), exhibitor advertisement(10,000), guest information bag advertisement (10,000)

6. Theconference advertisement: cover (30,000), back cover (10,000) seal two (10,000)page (10,000) cover three (6,000) inside page (5,000)

7.Advertising in the exhibition hall: glass wall of the exhibition hall(500yuan/square) , advertising wall (6,000), advertising wall (8,000), hanging flag(6,000)