This guide is mainly for the exhibitors.Please read carefully, so that we can provide you with appropriatearrangements.Thank you for your cooperation!

The information about exhibition:

Location:Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

Address:1000 Xingang East Road, Pazhou,Guangzhou


Transportation Guidance


How to get to the exhibition:

1. Guangzhou Metro

Exit C, Pazhou Station, Line 8 (Guangzhou Metro Map

2.Guangzhou Bus Station

Pazhou Station (Line B7, Line B7 Express, University TownLine 3, Line 229, Line 262, Line 304, Line 461 and Line 564)

3. Guangzhou Taxi

starting fare of taxi: 12 Yuan and the starting distance is 2.5km, subsequent rate will be 2.6 Yuan/km.

4. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

. Airport Express: take Airport Express Line 10 to New Pearl River International Hotel,and transfer to Line 229 to the Expo.
Flight information search: 020-36066999     Airportexpress service telephone: 400-830-8688
. Taxi: about 43km, about 45min and the fare is estimated tobe 150 Yuan.
. Metro: take Line 3 (to Tiyu Xilu) to Tiyu Xilu Station andthen transfer to Line 3 (to Panyu Square) to Kecun Station, then transfer toLine 8 (to Wanshengwei) to Pazhou Station and take exit C.

5.Guangzhou Railway Station

★. Taxi: about 18km, about 28min and the fare is estimatedto be 50 Yuan.
. Metro: about 35min. Take Line 2 (to Guangzhou South RailwayStation) to Changgang Station; and then transfer to Line 8 (to Wanshengwei) toPazhou Station and take exit C.

6.Guangzhou East Railway Station

. Taxi: about11km, about 30min and the fare is estimated to be 40 Yuan.
. Metro: about 30min. Take Line 3 (to Tiyu Xilu) to Tiyu XiluStation and then transfer to Line 3 (to Panyu Square) to Kecun Station, thentransfer to Line 8 (to Wanshengwei) to Pazhou Station and take exit C.
. Bus: about 70min. Take Tourism Line 3 (to Pazhou ShijicunMaster Station) to Pazhou Station.

7.Guangzhou South Railway Station

. Taxi: about 22km, about 30min and the fare is estimated to be 65 Yuan.
. Metro: about 55min. Take Line 2 (to Jiahewanggang) toChanggang Station; and then transfer to Line 8 (to Wanshengwei) to PazhouStation and take exit C.

8.Tianhe Coach Terminal Station

. Taxi: about 14km, about 20min and the fare is estimated to be 45 Yuan.
. Metro: about 31min. Take Line 3 (to Panyu Square) to Kecun Station; and then transfer to Line 8 (to Wanshengwei) to Pazhou Station and take exit C.



Exhibitionhall security, fire management:
1. Each exhibitor should designate the person responsible for fire safetyduring the exhibition;The person in charge should be the leader of theenterprise's on-site supervisor and be responsible for assisting the exhibitionin fire safety work.
2. All exhibitors should earnestly implement the relevant fire prevention managementprovisions of the fire control law, enhance awareness of fireprevention,strengthen inspection and management, and eliminate hidden dangersof accidents.
3. Smoking is completely prohibited in the exhibition area.If somkerssmoker in stalls, corridors, passageways, floor (electricity) stairs, toiletsand other places,smokers will be treated seriously according to thecircumstances.
4. Keep fire exits open- it is strictly forbidden to hang the exhibits on fire fighting, powerdistribution, air conditioning facilities or ceilings. If you violate therules, the exhibition hall has the right to ask the violator to makeunconditional rectification immediately;If the facilities are damaged or haveserious consequences, the relevant legal liability will be investigated inaddition to compensation according to the price.- it is strictly prohibited to display exhibits outside the booth, and notto block passageways, evacuation exits and entrances, elevator doors,electrical boxes and passageways leading to fire facilities and block thesurveillance cameras;In case of violation, the exhibition hall shall have theright to request the exhibitor to remove the goods, and all risks and expensesarising therefrom shall be borne by the exhibitor.- the exhibition passageway shall be no less than 3 meters, the front offire hydrant shall be 1 meter and the perimeter of fire extinguisher shall be1.5 meters.- no articles shall be placed;It is strictly forbidden to surround andblock or occupy the position of fire hydrants;Damage and misappropriation offire equipment is strictly prohibited.Site construction personnel must wear safety helmets and valid certificatesbefore entering the site for construction.Wooden ladders are not allowed to be used at the construction site.The structure shall be built within the scope defined by the maincontractor of the exhibition, and its vertical projection shall not exceed themarked scope.Booth height: single structure shall not exceed 4.5 meters, doublestructure shall not exceed 6 meters.
8. All booth decoration shall not be capped in any form, and shall notblock or block the fire equipment of the exhibition hall in any form.
9. Do not randomly place, hang or nail all kinds of exhibits, publicitymaterials or other signs in the exhibition hall, such as the pedestrianpassage, stairway junction, elevator door, fire facilities, air return port ofair conditioner, etc.
10. All decoration and decoration materials shall be made ofnon-combustible or non-combustible materials.The exhibition hall shall not usenon-flame retardant materials such as grass vine, paper, bark, foam, reed,bamboo, combustible plastic board, combustible carpet, cloth and wood fordecoration and decoration.
11.decoration using wood materials should be 0.5 kg square meters of fireretardant paint for flame retardant treatment;For decoration and roofing withcloth materials, a 20cm gap shall be left between the cloth and each 5m2/ kgspraying flame retardant (nylon cloth, mesh cloth according to 8m2/ kg).Tempered glass shall be used for installation below two meters and the areaof a single piece of glass exceeds 3m2, or for installation above two metersregardless of the size of the area;For the electrical equipment installed by the special booth, leakage protectionswitch and air circuit breaker must be installed, and the electric box mustmatch the amount applied.Installation standard of electrical box:A. Be sure to hang up the wall when the conditions are met. The wall shouldbe at A uniform height of 30cm above the ground.B. When the wall hanging condition is not available, wooden box cushionwith specifications of 750px*750px*500px must be made, which should fit neatlyinto the booth structure;C. Cable length must be appropriate, and no more than 2 turns of coilingshall occur when connected to the electrical box.
14. Circuit design single-phase loop shall not exceed 2000W. If it exceeds2000W, three-phase power supply shall be adopted to balance distribution ofpower load.15. The power cord should be used within the booth with ac voltage of 450 v/ 750 v level (ZR, ZA and ZB, ZC, lh-zd, or other fire retardant type) - RVVflame retardant copper core PVC insulated jacket round cord, (ZR, ZA and ZB,ZC, lh-zd, or other fire retardant type) - RVVB flame retardant copper core PVCinsulated sheathed flat soft line, (ZR, ZA and ZB, ZC, lh-zd, or other fireretardant type) - BVVB flame retardant flat copper core PVC insulated sheathedwire and adopt ac voltage 6 kvClass (ZR, ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD, or other flame retardanttype) -vv flame retardant copper core PVC insulated sheathed power cables.It isnot allowed to use any non-standard wire such as yarn, twisted pair, aluminumcore wire, audio wire, etc.The power cord must be protected by a protectivesleeve (metal or combustible plastic) and marked with a clear warning sign whenit passes through the cable on the ground of the passageway in the exhibitionhall.
16. Each electrical circuit shall be equipped with special protectivegrounding. The stand lamps and electrical equipment may contact metalprotective tubes and metal components with leakage electricity.
17. It is forbidden to use star lights, colored lights, neon lights, smallsolar lights (iodine tungsten light) and high-power lamps over 500W in theexhibition hall or booth.(except for the use of stage lighting for stageperformance over 500W power)18. Ballasts for down lamps, quartz lamps, fluorescent lamps and otherlamps in specially equipped booths shall be subject to the national compulsory3C certification of the People's Republic of China.The advertising light box inthe booth must be well convection cooling hole convection heat dissipation,split type ballast shall not be installed in the advertising light box, must beinstalled outside the light box and heat insulation treatment.19. The back plate of the booth must be decorated to maintain the overallappearance of the exhibition hall. 20. Packaging materials should be cleared out of the museum in a timelymanner: in order to ensure fire safety, all exhibits used by exhibitors must becleaned out of the museum in a timely manner. It is strictly forbidden to storethem in booths, on the top of cabinets, on the back of board walls or otherconcealed places.21. Clearing well before the closing of the museum, ensure the safetyduring the closing period, remove potential hazards and close the booth.Vehicle management regulations:Guangzhou
City Traffic Control Measures1. The following scope (excluding expressway, south China expressway, southeast west ring city expressway) prohibits all trucks from entering from 7:00 to 9:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 every day; from 7:00 to 22:00 every day, Guangzhou city registration is prohibited. The number of trucks and special-purpose vehicles with a quality of 5 tons or more (including 5 tons), the tractors with a traction quality of 5 tons or more (including 5 tons), and the approved number of foreign city license plates are more than 0.6 tons (including 0.6 tons) trucks and special operating vehicles, tractors with a traction quality of more than 0.6 tons (including 0.6 tons): East: Donghuan City Expressway (south of Zhongshan Road), Zhongshan Road (Donghuan City Expressway to Maogang Road Section), Maogang Road (excluding), Guangyuan Expressway (Magang Road to Olympic Sports Section) ), Olympic Road, Daguan Road (Audi Road to Yunxi Road, excluding) west; South: North of the city's expressway (the east section of the Fusha Bridge), north of Xinguang Expressway, Xiayu Interchange (the entrance and exit of Panyu Avenue); West: Zengcuo Road (Shifeng Road to Zengqiao Bridge, excluding the North Ring Expressway to Guangqing Expressway), Zhujiang (Zengqiao Bridge to Fusha Bridge), Zengqiao Bridge, Zhujiang Bridge East Bridge, East of the Pearl River Tunnel and the Hedong Bridge; North: Shifeng Road (excluding), Huangshi West Road (excluding), Huangshi East Road (excluding), Baiyun Avenue (North of Huangshi East Road, excluding), Tongtai Road, Guangzhou Avenue North (Tongtai Road to the North Ring Expressway), North Ring Expressway (Guangzhou Avenue North to South China Expressway Section), South China Expressway (North Ring Expressway to Yunxi Road Section), south of Yunxi Road. 2. The following range [excluding the expressway, the South China Expressway, the Southeastern West Ring Expressway, the Shatai Road (the north section of the South China Expressway Phase III) to the north]] The foreign market number is prohibited from 7:00 to 22:00 every day. The trucks with fixed-quality trucks and special-purpose vehicles with a mass of more than 5 tons (including 5 tons) and tractors with a traction quality of more than 5 tons (including 5 tons) pass: East: Kaichuang Avenue (Guangshen Expressway to Guangyuan Expressway, excluding), Guangyuan Expressway (Kai Chuang Avenue to Petrochemical Road Section), Petrochemical Road (excluding), Huangpu East Road (Petrochemical Road to Gangwan Road Section, no West), Zhongshan Road East (Hongwan Road to Daguan Road Section), East Ring City Expressway (South of Zhongshan Road East); South: north of the South Ring City Expressway; West: Guangqing Expressway (South Section of Longshan Interchange of North Second Ring Expressway), Zengcuo Road (excluding the section of Beihuan Expressway to Guangqing Expressway), and North Ring Expressway (Guangqing Interchange to Shabeili Intersection) ), east of the West Ring City Expressway; North: South of the North Second Ring Expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway (Fire Village Interchange to Kaichuang Road Section).