The 5th World Agricultural Food Expo & China Food E-Commerce Festival

The World Agricultural and Food Expo (WagrFoodExpo) was founded in 2019 and has been successfully held for four times. Over the past four years, it has attracted support and participation from 38 countries and regions, as well as 56 provincial and municipal government departments. Improved trade cooperation in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, showcasing the strength of Chinese food brands to both international and domestic markets.

The 2023 China Food E-commerce Festival will use the World Agri-Food Expo as a platform to promote Chinese agricultural food brands and promote Chinese pre-made food; connecting the entire industrial chain of agricultural products and prefabricated food; Create a food omni-channel marketing event by combining exhibition, forum, competition, and tasting; At the same time, the 6th Direct Supply Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Agricultural Product Food Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference,the 2nd Greater Bay Area Prefabricated Vegetable Trade and Processing Equipment Exhibition, the 2nd China Prefabricated Vegetable Technology Innovation Forum, the China Food E-commerce Selection Conference , and the "Golden Cotton Award" selection were held.

Exhibition area:


Exhibition introduction

Participating countries and regions :


Government Pavilion:

56 provinces and cities in China

Professional audience: about 20,000 people (over the world)

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The World Agricultural and Food Expo
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South China Agricultural University

China-Latin America Agricultural Science and Education Alliance

Guangdong Joint Research Institute of Pre-made Food

Guangdong Food Association

Guangdong Provincial Service Trade Association

Catering Professional Committee of Guangdong Association of trade

Guangdong Live E-commerce Alliance

Guangzhou Nansha Prefabricated Dishes Import and Export Trade Association

Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

Guangzhou Jinleyi Cultural Communication Co., LTD

Supporting Units:

Macau Restaurant Industry Association

Shandong Pre-made Food Cuisine industryJiangsu Catering Industry association

Hainan Hotel and Catering Industry AssociationWuhan Catering Association  

Zhengzhou Restaurant Industry Association

Xi'an Restaurant and Catering Industry AssociationJinjiang Catering and Cooking Industry Association

Quanzhou Catering Industry Association

Meizhou Catering Industry Association

Zhuhai Pre-made Food Industry

Zhanjiang Catering Services Chamber of CommerceJiangmen Culinary Association

Shaoguan Restaurant Culinary Association

Shantou Catering Association

Dongguan Catering Industry Association

Shenzhen Culinary Association